Monday, September 25, 2006

She emerges once more...

Every other weekend, Monkey-Moo spends time with her Nana and Gaggpa. That means that Babe & I have a whole 24 hours to ourselves! It goes without saying that first and foremost we sleep late as possible. We then enjoy a tete a tete breakfast...and thereafter go about our day doing whatever it is our child-less hearts desires!
However this past Sunday, we were inspired by the early morning sun to take a quick trip to The Beach area in Toronto, get a breakfast to-go and commune with Mother Earth down at the lake. Ok, I communed...Babe captured families, and kites and dark ominus clouds...and me on film.

These free weekends have been gifted to us for several months and every time they arrive, I flip through a mental-list of all the things that need to get done around our home. Once in awhile though, I stop myself...just in realise that I need these times to myself...I need to recapture me, not mother, partner, miss fix-it, friend, daughter, neighbor...I need to become grounded once more within my own Self.
And this day...I did just that by tossing my shoes off, sinking my toes into the warm sand and stretching into the Sun Salutation pose...all the while inhaling the lake breeze and welcoming the sun's kisses on my skin. Time stood still...and there I that timeless place...until I felt my toes once more tap the earth.
Those toes belong now to a transformed woman than those that touched the sand 36 hours ago...a woman who accepts that, although she slips into many shoes throughout her day, there is nothing like the awareness of her bare toes.

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