Thursday, November 5, 2009

True of False ~ in trying to create a life of bliss

One of my favorite bloggers, Christine of BlissChick has decided to challenge us readers to answer a monthly question or topic of her choice and respond to her via email with the goal of expanding the community of Bliss Embracers. In my recent decision to experience more blisses in my life, I silently agree and read on to the bottom of her post:

What is the main difficulty you have encountered in trying to craft a life of bliss? What have you tried to do about this?

We have until Nov. 23rd. to submit our response, and I've decided to work through it here on my blog, allowing a stream of subconscious writing to uncover the truths and falseness of how I approach life. It's going to get crappy I suspect, it's going to be all over the map and hell, down right confusing (it may even get grammatically incorrect) and it's not supposed to make any sense to anyone but me. However if there is anyone still reading this blog and IF anything I write resonates with you, I'd really like to know I'm not alone in my scramble to figure it out.


Ever visit a crystal clear pond, only to discover upon looking deeper that it's really mucky and murky near the bottom. That's what it feels like as I try to put together my coherent response.

True ~ I've submerged under the goop of my fear of achieving success.

Hold on...does bliss equal success for me?

In watching a show last night, the mom character stated that every parent wants success for their kids, and I thought, um, I don't know if I want that for my own. but of course I do...right now I celebrate her success of writing her name and learning the alphabet...but the bigger success deemed by society and the the capitalistic society we live, I'd rather celebrate what brings her bliss in her adult life as I do in her childhood rather than financial success.

False ~ having money means I am bliss-full and success-full.

Why do I think like this? I've had money in the past, was I blissed out? And when I was, did success influence the hugeness of the blissness?

breaking it down ~ how do I define a bliss-full life for myself?

(I wish I had hrs and days and weeks to explore this...but like the typical parent, I'm in demand 24/ it's going to take time to sort this out...)


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff! I'll be glad to watch you work this out. Keep writing. :)

Sarah said...

Hmmm will have to go see Christine's post!! Wonderful answer hon!! I so understand the goops of fear thing. I dragged through it for years. Makes no sense,fear of success..but I can to understand it was more about the responsibility that came with it that created fear for me..not to much the success itself. It was a fear of commiting myself to what success brings.
As for the money..I am much more driven and have been, being "poor" than I was when I was wealthy. There was a time that I was quite well off..I played at my craft..I didn't have to work hard. Now..I work very hard daily to create success..but it isn't all about the money any more..I get it now..I think LOL!! I am a work in progress! Hugs, Sarah

Sorrow said...

Thats some soul searching lady, looking deep into the murky pool of self...
I am staying TUNED!