Thursday, October 28, 2010

handle with gentleness

the man who's hands once held me, and then pushed me into the blackend burnt soil of our forest fire
handed me a yellow package today
handle with care, first class mail...i knew the place of love it came from
the irony being that the messenger of pain had delivered it.

it's a book full of the deep knowing of loss and darkness
it's a gift of gentleness from deep south to up north
from one woman to another to unsure soul trying to find my footing again

we sit here, my friend and i crying stirred by her prose...experiences of suffering bring us together past through black ink
some i can't hear right now, they are too bright for my dark heart
some force open my cracks and gently sooth the pain away with loving kindness

one woman's words can move another's pain just enough to know that it's going to be okay

survival and triumph squash the fear. knowing i am not alone fosters hope.

good stuff we keep saying as we turn the heart soaks up the ones near the end

i know my end is somewhere out there

one day i will meet Sorrow face to face and and thank her for the grace of her love over the ether and through the canadian post. And Terri...well we already met in the dark.


Sorrow said...

hang in there sunshine, tomorrow is your day to rise!
I hope you get a chance to check out the writer, she is an AWESOME lady and has a wonderful blog!

terri said...

oh man....
sorrow mentioned your blog to me.
and what you wrote about my poems.
i printed it out. it's here on my desk. i needed to read that today.
it helped over here.
and i sit and shake my head about this women touchin' women stuff. it truly is amazing. thanks for touchin'
my heart today....

kerrdelune said...

You are not alone, my friend. There is a whole throng of wild women surrounding you, there in your pockets too as you walk this road. Be of good cheer - there is sunshine up ahead, and there are fine adventures waiting for you around the bend.

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

Sorrow, Terri & Cate ~ thank you for your words of compassion and reaching out to me...


Merry ME said...

With these two ladies on your side you cannot go too far wrong. When you cannot believe in yourself, believe in their belief that all will be well. Perhaps not in a way any of us can imagine right now, but well in the way the Keeper of the Light created it.

Right now, for today, all you have to do is hold on.