Sunday, November 7, 2010

ode to grief

Grief is grief.
It's a hurt deep within us
that suffocates our breath and grips our hearts
with searing pain...

I didn't loose anyone to death,
Yet I am mourning something that was taken away from me
with swift cruelty and agonizing betrayl of trust

Feels like death to me...

So please don't say it's okay, lots of other people go through this
don't tell me that I'm better off
or there's plenty of fish in the sea

Don't tell me that I shouldn't be missing what I lost
I have memories that tell me, despite the end,
the beginning and middle are worth crying over

I'm grieving what was and what is
I'm grieving her loss of family and daddy-time
I'm grieving through anger and pain
that's also washing over her face too

I'll grieve as long as I need to without feeling ashamed or judged...
So will she.

And when we want to talk about it, or stomp or bang because
we're too mad to use our words or too full of sorrow
hold a quiet and tender place for us to come back to
in your arms and in your heart

We need friends who know how to be friends
now, next month & possibly in three years...
and so does our grief.

*Inspired by Terri's post


Coleen said...

while is not a physical is a death.....a death of hopes and dreams of a future for you and your daughter..of a relationship...not being a "couple" anymore...

As terri would say, hang in there matter

Heart Hugs,

Grace said...

(((( WRO )))) I literally have goosebumps all over my body.

Thank you for allowing us the honor to sit with you here, to hold sacred space for you, to honor you and the pain you are both going through. To witness this transformative time is - holy. My heart breaks with you, having been through a divorce or two myself - mine were 6 and 7.... AFGOs - I'm seriously over with them myself ;-)

Sending you big hugs from California. You are a bright shining light and nothing can change that.

Pamela Jones said...

Grieve, but don't lose hope. NEVER lose hope. Life always changes.

Grace said...

Hi. Just sent you an email with my email address. xoxo

kerrdelune said...

We are all here with you, and we will hold that quiet tender loving place for you and your wee girl to come back to. xxx (Cate)