Tuesday, November 23, 2010

pain's boombox

Feel the fear and do it anyway.
that's how a sense of success and
self-worth are re-ignited
in the pit of despair.

Trust someone else's Trust
when your own is smothered by
doubt and hopelessness

Be gentle with yourself.
honor where you are in 'the process'
while you await the waves of pain to pass

Come out of the darkness and feel grateful
that there are beacons of light holding vigil
until you can hold your own

I know them all, today I just don't feel them...
my heartache is louder


terri said...

sending you a hug........

Libbie said...

hang in there lovely.

Jennifer said...

I feel for you and I wish you peace in your heart...not to get over it, not to escape but to just feel what you feel and hope the light you seek arrives and lends you ease. My path began in September. The fear is easing, I now sleep at night, I don't shake when I think of the abuse I experienced at another's hands for eight years. Friends say "you're back" or you "look rested" and I am. Woman are strong, here for you, you are strong and have much to say. I'm proud of your words and of you! Jennifer please stop by jennsthreegraces