Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This weeks theme at Mama Says OM is SCRATCH. Here is my first contribution.

Like many, I have a mental list of goals I'd like to achieve before I leave this world. Becoming a Mother inevitably has...rearranged... this list. I now share my life with my daughter, and it's partly my responsibility to ensure that she is nurtured, loved...that her own daily achievements are celebrated and encouraged. Here's my new list...

1. Finish my Holistic Health Practitioner course before 2008. scratch that. Finish the laundry by 2008.

2. Get my BA in Fine Arts by the time I'm 40 (7mths). scratch that. Wake up tomorrow with my sanity intact.

3. Learn to drive a stick shift. scratch that. Buy a mini-van for Wednesday's car pool.

4. Take a creative writing course. scratch that. Write out grocery list.

5. Take a sewing course and design my own line of "relaxed fit" clothing. scratch that. Stop wearing maternity clothes

6. Create a sacred space to meditate, astral journey and commune with the Goddess. scratch that. Pee alone.

7. Spend a weekend at a nudist camp. scratch that. Spend a weekend in bed until 7. AM.

8. Travel across the US to The Farm and meet the inspirational midwife Ina May Gaskin. scratch that. Travel to the grocery store.


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