Sunday, August 27, 2006

Flowers in her hair and love in her eyes...

That's a nutshell! I'm a modern-day hippie living out of place in a suburb. Given the choice, I'd live in any of the small "granola" towns peppered across North American, however for now I accept that where I live is where we as a family need to be.

I'm a new Mother...Monkey-Moo(18mths) and a common-law step mother to the Twins (6) and Dee Dee(10). Every other weekend we're a family of 6 living in our cozy, happy home! Babe and I are bonded by our love and respect for one another...we're not the perfect couple, but perfect for each other!

I'm a Holistic Health Practitioner in training. I'm completing 200hrs of casestudy work before I receive my certification, hopefully sometime in 2008. After feeling like a square peg most of my life, I have finally discovered my gift (thank you Goddess!) and am excited to see where it leads me. I'm open to all types of holistic health & healing and inhale anything I can get my hands on about the topic!

I'm an avid book reader, massage practioner, aromatherapist, amateur photographer, a hiker, and one day a skydiver, writer, painter and cat owner. Find yourself a seat in one of those big armchairs, grab a mug of your favorite elixir and let's watch the world go by together!

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