Monday, September 11, 2006

Another time and place

I can't let this day end without acknowledging a couple of events that happened 5 years ago that changed my life, as it did many others.

I arrived at work that day, 9:10am, unaware of what had happened to the World Trade Centres in New York City. That's what happens when you don't listen to the news or radio. I spent the next couple of hours in shock with the rest of my workmates, until we were told to go home and be with our families. I had no family in the city, they lived an hour away, so I called them instead. Then I called someone that I had been putting off meeting for seventeen days...

...that's when I met Babe for the first time. We went for lunch at my favorite thai food restaurant and talked about what had happened that morning, what was still happening...and how we were glad to steal away and forget about the rest of the world for awhile...

As I said that was 5 years ago...while the rest of the world remembers the tradgedy of 3000 people dying at the hands of terrorists, I will always remember this day as being a dichotomy of deep sadness for my fellow brothers and sisters...and elation for finally finding the other half of my soul.

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