Friday, September 8, 2006

The IQ of a 19mth old

Cute to scene-5:40pm: Me & Babe lazily lying on our big comfy red couch. Monkey Moo is playing within eyesight, and clearly within earshot too!

Me: Babe, let's go to Licks for dinner tonight. Neither one of us feels like cooking, I'm whadaya say?!

Babe: *yawn* Stay-in or take out?

Me: Definitely stay-in, that way we can have some of their delicious
I-C-E--C-R-E-A-M afterwards!

Monkey Moo: *enthusiastically chiming into conversation* I-keem?! I-keem?! I-keem?!

*Babe laughs in utter shock and I pick my jaw up off the floor*

Babe & I: How did she??

Monkey Moo: *now insistent* I-keem!! I-keem!! I-keem

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