Sunday, September 3, 2006

Why long weekends aren't all that!

Today I have the strongest urge to change my blog name to "Why even bother making the bed?"
It's the weekend with all the kids...remember in an earlier post I referenced us as being so happy in our cosy home...yeah well it's not all cookies and sunshine every this freaking one! It's shitty outside (screw you hurricanes) and we're all stuck into this 1500sq ft. airtight box. The Twins are playing on both computers (which means I can't get on), DeeDee is watching baseball on the upstairs TV (supposedly the adults only TV), Monkey-Moo is teetering on a mid-day meltdown, and I haven't showered in 48 hours.

Oh, and my one place for solitude and sanity was earlier ravaged by 4 kids on sugar uppers...

...I may just beat Monkey-Moo to that meltdown...

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