Saturday, November 25, 2006

What a boob!

By now I'm sure you've heard about the woman who was escorted of a Delta Airlines plane because she refused to cover her breasfeeding-self up when a stewardess offered her a blanket.

I've read many comments of the issue but this has got to be the stupidest:

The issue is with breast-feeding in public. Breasts arouse sexual feelings in men and sometimes other women, and THAT is why there ought to be discretion. A pro-breast-feeder is going out of bounds when she purposely breast-feeds in a public place while it is made known to her that some people are uncomfortable about it.

Really?? If breasts are so darn arousing then why is it acceptable that men walk around shirtless?? Does anyone see women (or men) swarming these bare-busters?! Does anyone actually put up a public protest about this as they do about public breastfeeding?? DOES ANYONE CARE?? The answer is a resounding NO...but you don't hear it because you'e all too busy oogling the WOMAN's breast...obstructed by the baby's head by the way!

...and this one:

Also her child was almost 2 years old a bit old for breastfeeding in my eyes (written by a woman)

Can you show me the rule book that dictates the appropriate age a child is supposed to stop breastfeeding? See I thought it was up to the individual...

I am absolutely appalled at how outrageous this has become! Breastfeeding has been happening for's not going away, so when exactly are the public going to get used to it?? IT'S WHAT WOMAN'S BREAST ARE FOR PEOPLE!!

I'm stopping now...and going some place where they are not talking about another planet.

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