Thursday, January 4, 2007

Out of site but not out of mind

My blog was supposed to be a place where I could come to think about the BIG thoughts. A place where I could freely investigate my Self and all the hats that I wear as a woman. It was going to be a place where I could come to at the end of the day and reflect about whatever stirred my soul...and while there were glimpses of that, inevitably it began to feel oligatory...and complicated...and I lost sight of why I began my on-line journal in the first place.

I had to let something go in the past month, or I was going to let go myself! So I temporarily left my blogging...but I still visited my blog neighbors and was moved and inspired for my own future postings.

And I did more of this...


I'm about ready to return...I've got a couple of entries waiting on the sidelines...and then I'd like to get caught up with reading other's blogs...all the while keeping the balance.


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