Thursday, July 5, 2007

8 of randomness

Before I go there though, let me say, once again, thank you for your support...all you "privatiers"! Chani, I've searched and there isn't a way to deem one post public and the other's okay, I've come 'round to the idea that this particular blog of mine will only be open to a select few who (hopefully) cherish what I share with you. AND, I've got my other blog now, which I will infuse with myself as well, I'll just keep all the good stuff here exclusively! ;-) Den, header problem?? Not sure what you are referring to, however I do have a question for you ~ see my header above, well the jpeg isn't that blurry, it's sharper and it annoys me to no end that it looks less so here - any suggestions??

On with the randomness....

~ I used to drink cow's milk everyday...I felt lacking if I didn't. Then I read "Fit for Life" and drinking some other animal's milk didn't sit well with me after that. Not that soya is the way to go with all the hormone controversy, but it feels better. Calcium? I get it elsewhere, especially since I've discovered quinoa.
~ I toy with the idea of getting my nose reshaped. I waffle year to year about doesn't strike me until I see a profile of doesn't seem to belong to the rest of my face. Friends and family argue with me that's it's not too big, it's just right...but like I said, I waffle. If I had the money...and if my morals about accepting myself as I was created weren't so damn important.
~ I like the punctuation "..." (as if you haven't noticed!) Those three dots express exactly how I speak...with contemplative pauses. My apologies to the grammar police! :-)
~ I would like to own a leather biker bra, tassles and all.
~ I have lusted over a handfull of women, but never been in a relationship with one. Had I been braver and not ashamed of my desire due to my upbringing, I would have went for it. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
~ I have "greek" feet. Apparently that means that my second two is taller than my big one. Hmpfh, my toe rings look nicer on a sleeker toe anyway.
~ I instantly rejected my daughter when my midwife finished my pelvic exam and declared I would give birth to her by the weekend (this was on a Thursday). I didn't know it then...I just thought that panic was a natural reaction when you're about to give birth to another human being. Thus began my PPD.
~ I've been programmed to crave dessert after meals, especially after supper. You just can't have tea without something to sip it with.

Funny that I struggle to write about my life, and yet each one of these things could easily become a post in itself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Weekend was great...not long enough, and at times, too long to be away from my daughter, but I'll be writing more about that later. And I have written about my uncle....but just can't bring myself to post it yet.

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