Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mama Says Om ~ Honesty

because of you, i grew up to be a practical dreamer and a fierce warrior of the heart.

because of you, i still cringe when i hear a man raise his voice in anger and wonder if the next thing he'll raise is his hand.

because of you, i feel the freedom to express myself any which way, knowing that you will still listen and accept me for who i am.

because of you, i know that i will never spend another second being degraded.

because of you, i learned to stand dignified in my truth instead of dishonorable in my falseness.

because of you, i do not live my life thinking that i'm a martyr or a victim of my circumstances.

because of you i now remember the joy of discovering a bug in the backyard.

because of you i learned that i wasn't the square peg i thought i always was.

because of you, i learned that the use of my body felt safer then a glimpse into my soul.

because of you i learned that my soul is far more beautiful than my body.

because of you i will always remember "to each his own"...which applied to everyone else but me.

because of you i finally behold Mother Earth for what She is...a living, breathing part of myself.

because of you, i learned to appreciate well written literature, detest plain, boiled potatoes and recognize that a consoling hug from my mother beats all other methods of comfort.

because of you, i was inspired to write this...

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