Monday, December 8, 2008

it's such a sweet sensation

"What if the cops come?" I ask, sticking my head out the window and peering into the darkness of the lot peppered with other cars and a boat. We've got beer in the car. And chocolate. It could be dicey.
"Why would a cop come here?" She asks sincerely.
"Uh, it's a parking lot, it's nighttime..." I reply flippantly.
"I'll tin him!" She replies gallantly.
"Tin him? What the hell does that mean?" It's cop lingo I know, but I'm a layman so I'm perplexed about this language.
"I show him my badge, he disappears."

I'm grateful for her company tonight. Not because she's a cop and we won't get busted for having drunk one bottle of beer, but because we are kindred spirits ~ we're mothers, and women who love our families and want what's best for them, and more for us. We've a past of similar painful fissures, and when our stories tumble from our hearts, we understand each other's tears and miraculously it feels like the perfect salve.

Tonight George Michael seduces us down the yellow brick road of our youth, Ah Ha takes us on, Markie Mark sings us into good vibrations (you feel it baby? i can too) then Soul II Soul joins the party. Feet dangling, air drumming, electric piano and microphone. Laughter filling the air above the bass boom from the car speakers.

These days, this is my kinda parking.


I miss writing. I miss commenting. I miss this place...and not sure what prevents me from filling up myself here as I used to do. I scrolled through my drafts, trying to find inspiration...and this one seemed just right. It reminds me how it feels to not be so depleted of energy and to gracioulsy accept what Love sends my way and use it's momentum to obliterate the dark.

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