Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Secret #2a ~ Honoring My Honesty

Dear Creative Sisters,
You have all taught me, in such a short time, that being honest here on my journey (and yours) is best. More than anything else, that is what I am holding in my heart.

My $#@% gremlins are still viving for my attention...but your words are piercing; they are protesting so voraciously because they feel threatened, and while they serve me in other times, NOT TODAY!

I haven't visited anyone else's blog...I have felt like I have had nothing to give back to you in the way of support or insight. However all of your words...all of you Love, I accept humbly and gratefully:

Into The Dawn ~ taking a step at a time...like writing all this, instead of avoiding one more day. Thank you for believing in me and support my progress!

Kavindra ~ I went and read my comment on your blog...somehow my words to you couldn't comfort me, and yet, your words...like a salve. I am a creative goddess! Thank you...

Sheila ~flicking...but with your help, thank you!

Belle ~ I like the image you've created of my gremlins shriveling up....I'm holding that firmly too, thank you!

Christine ~ I love the optimism too and "there simply is not room for giving up"...that's going up somewhere I can see it, thank you~

LisaPN ~ I have a book by two well know psychotherapists about dialoguing with our inner voices/archetypes (the name escapes me right now). It's powerful stuff...and what you've suggested is along the lines of what they suggest too in order to calm my "inner critic" (whom I've met and "seen" before) by chatting with her compassionately but firmly and establishing safe boundaries on my new journey. Thank you for the reminder. ps. long posts like yours are full of compassion, namaste!

Pen ~ you've reminded me (as I now realize all have) that I took on the intent of living 2009 with persistent determination...thank you!

You have ALL reminded me that if I continue to listen to my sabotaging gremlin, the tenacity I resurrected within myself upon the new year will disappear...and I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN, NOT AGAIN!

I don't know how to say thank you...other than THANK YOU, for you, on this (delicate) creative journey...I feel more buoyant.

Still leaping,

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