Tuesday, April 14, 2009

home is where we are

My life has become about "the move" to our new digs. This Saturday it finally happened, and while we're all exhausted and living amongst boxes, we are really happy in our new home.

Our moving team kicked ass too...all of our friends worked for 8hrs straight hauling boxes up and down stairs, lugging furniture into a tightly packed truck while grandparents pitched in to take the kids for awhile. We are grateful for everyone's committment to help make this happen for us and when we are all settled in, we're going to crack open the bottle of champaign (thx neighbor!) with our team on a warm evening in our new back yard.

And through it all, in between trips to the truck, Tom and I would catch each other's eye, and smile, knowing that all this effort was going to be worth it for our family. It's said that moving is the third most stressful time in a person's life (wedding and divorce ranking #1 and 2), but those private glimpses pulled us through the day until we could sprawl onto our freshly made bed, beat up and bruised, but relieved that it was over, and that our sanity and relationship remain intact. While there's still so much to unpack and organize (and get rid of), we're here, we're happy and we're home.

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