Friday, January 15, 2010

Let the happiness in...

As I did for 2009, I've chosen a word to symbolize my touchstone for 2010. It was harder this time narrowing the word...I had it down to "JOY" & "PLAYFULLNESS"....but it wasn't until I was flipping through magazines for my dream board images that I realized JOY was speaking to be heard more. Here's the top of the canvas that I plan to turn into my new header:

In keeping with the JOY theme, I've joined "The Next Chapter: The Happy Book" offered by Jamie Ridler, our guru of on-line inspirational book clubs and all around creative coach. I just received the email confirmation today that I'm 23rd out of 27 in my group (the Glee Circle), and while the suspense is going to drive me batty, I can't wait until I receive the book, it's going to be busting with all version of happiness from everyone else before me (it's a mail-around group, go check out the link for more information)! And by then I hope to have a firm grasp on how playing = joy in my life!

All these versions of JOY are very serendipitous on my journey this year...I feel my heart open more and more with it all.

In keeping with the theme, here is one of my fave musicians singing about his version of happy (listen to the song, forget the video):


Anonymous said...

This post ROCKS!!!
Joy is perfect and I love the way you've incorporated it into playfulness as well. It's gonna be a great year!!!
My word is ACTION - (it's about time!!)
I'm so excited you're doing The Happy Book!!! Me too!!

Fatma said...

I love JOY. It is always my word and part of my new website. My theme for the year is Freedom.

So delighted to meet you on this HAPPY journey.

Jamie Ridler said...

Yes! I feel the JOY! I'm imagining you playing your way to joy - how magnificent!

And thank you for the song. I'm a fan and enjoyed every moment. You added some happy to my day!

Pamela Sweet said...

I'm so happy to be on this journey with you! I look forward to hearing more about the joy in your life. My word this year is "nourish."

Lisa @sacred circle said...

JOY~ such a beautifully powerful word! I'm excited to witness the journey it will take you on. And I'm honored to share the happiness adventure with you as a fellow glee circle member!

Vernell said...

Great word for this year. Looking forward to the "Happiness" journey with you. My word for this year is 'possibilities".s