Monday, September 20, 2010

I am Mamma Bear, hear me roar

I stare at my proverbial glass everyday...and depending on the day, I get my answer.

These days I spend more upright in seeing a future develop then hunched over with the burden of pain & grief. 3 weeks now my daughter & I have lived in our new home with our two friends, 5 cats and one Rose, the male beta fish. 3 weeks of cuddled-down chats awash in pink light from her flowered lamp camped in between the computer and the TV. 3 weeks of feeling like a single parent, the sudden shock of it all, and the realization that, while this isn't how I wanted my life, this is how it is.

I focus on my blessings to get me through the bad times. And when I can't do that for myself, I do it for my daughter.

I am Mama Bear now...


Sorrow said...

mamma bear~
You are the shelter, the strength and the light of Love, I hear you mama, and I roar with you~

kerrdelune said...

Lil, I admire you more than words can say. I applaud your courage, your strength, your mama bear ferocity and your sweetness too. Bright blessings to both of you and much love.