Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spreading the luv in the 'hood!

I began writing this blog because...well I can't remember right now, but I vowed back then that I would write it for me...for my own musings...and not to win a popularity contest with other bloggers and not to rack up comments and blog luv.

But I can see how one can be so easily swayed to write for others when there is so much blog luvin' goin' down! Who knew ( I didn't!) that entering the bogworld would feel like moving into a new neighborhood and, while out walking the dog (or in my case my daughter) you are greeted by folks who've never met you but like the look of you anyway! They smile and smile and wave. On the next walk, a wave turns into a hello, then a hello and a how are you...and before you know it you're having full-on conversations and on a first name basis!

Well that's how it is in the "bloghood" if you're lucky enough to meet the neighbors that I have. And I am...lucky that meet them, and share with them little tidbits here and there about myself, my life and what keeps me from driving off the next cliff.

So you know what...while I write for my own sanity (read: to prevent the crazy-ass thoughts from colliding and causing a nuclear explosion in my brain), I also write with the purpose of sharing my life with my neighbors. I mean c'omon, who doesn't like to meet their neighbors...and how do they turn into friends unless you're willing to share...

I can't choose though....sorry Mrs. Chicky...I just can't choose one blog neighbor to honor in your luvfest 'cause I love them all, I really, really do! But I am going to let each and every one know why I luv I thank you for reminding me that blog neighbors are special and don't come around every day...or in every 'hood.


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