Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Mommy knows how to whine too!

I would like to know where all the mommy bloggers find the time to blog?? Because unless the powers that be change the cylce of a day to 27 hours instead of 24, I don't...I don't have time to write!!! And it's driving me FREAKING CRAZY....because this is my outlet, my sacred place to come to to be alone with my thoughts (um, alone and with you) and not, I repeat, NOT be interrupted!!

But every freaking time I sit down, which is after a long day with Monkey-Moo, and a time when I'm supposed to be able to leave her with her father, her satellite ears perk up from 30 feet, two walls and one door away as she hears the clicking of the keyboard. On my side of the walls, I hear the soft thudding of her feet as she comes running towards the office to assault her "mooo?? MOOO???" demands on me. Those dreaded sounds means she wants to watch mooooovies....short clip videos of our day to day life. I can't go anywhere near this thing unless she is out of earshot...which means either out of the house or in bed. And I'll be honest, in each case, you'll find me flaked out on the couch, trying to catch my breath or falling asleep...

I want to join the NaBloPoMo but don't see how I can committ to writing everyday without falling alseep on my keyboard or being nagged by my attached-at-the-hip toddler. And I owe so many "thank you's" and "hollas" to so many neighbors...and when I'm awake during the night with my damn insomnia, I've got a ton to write about, but's all fading away like my will to remain vertical!

Can you hear it...the shrill whine of my voice rising 10 octaves with each sentence???? Fricken' fracken' I'm even driving my own self crazy! I'm going to stop now...I'm loosing my voice with all this complain' and my sanctum of linens beckons....6am comes way to bloody early these days.

I gotta or where the frigg do you find time write in your blog?? Is there a secret ripple in time that you have access to that you could pull me over to??

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