Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's a sad day when...

What kind of parent uses their children to seemingly hurt the other parent and not see that it's hurting the children instead?

What kind of parent maliciously coaches their children to believe that their other parent has less than the children best interest at heart?

What kind of parent tells their children that their father walked out and left THEM despite the fact that their father has told them the TRUTH...he left their mother and the marriage only.

What kind of parent continues to not only lie to themselves but their children so that they can continue to fester in their own world of VICTIMHOOD?

What kind of person shows their children their wedding video and tells them that those are the promises their father broke...ones that he continues to break while living (in sin) with his girlfriend and baby out of wedlock?

Whate kind of parent puts themselve first?

A kind of parent that can't acknowledge that love, truth and goodwill always prevails over retribution and selfishness?

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