Thursday, December 18, 2008

Touched by Love

I was your typical kid....I loved the christmas season because it meant I got presents. And two days later I got more presents because it was my birthday.

Eventually I got the concept of giving instead of just receiving...and realized that giving something felt just as wonderful as getting. I remember my sister and I buying the most gorgeous faux pearl and diamond earrings for my mother's birthday one year. Her faced beamed with love as she unwrapped them...she even wore them...but eventually I realized that they were really tacky and what kept that smile permanent was our gift of love from us to her. As a mother I now get that even more...

Children naturally give...sit in front of a child just learning to feed themselves, open your mouth, and see if a soggy cherrio doesn't get popped onto your tongue. They intuitively recognize the feeling of sharing and giving in their heart...and that abstract concept becomes more tangible as they grow more into themselves and realize what a gooey glued piece of craft paper does to you when least expected. They feel their love reciprocated...and that inturn begins an amazing cycle of love and gratidude handed back and forth in hugs, words, songs, a ceramic painted mug...or a pair of socks.

For as much as we north american folks live in more material wealth than some dream of...we all live in abundance of gestures of Love since we first understood that glow in our heart when we began to love outside of ourselves.

My blogneighbor Sorrow loves outside of herself constantly...and it's innate within her family. I gladly offer dear readers, her gesture of Love to you. It's a beautiful thing to witness, this giving that her family and now other blogneighbors are pouring out to anyone who wants to be touched by Love. Participating is even better....

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